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Helping your practice STAND OUT
Increase Practice
There are 2 ways to increase revenue: grow your patient base and generate higher value per patient. This requires plan to increase inbound flow, recall, referrals and elective services. Patient News can help.
Get New
Our proven systematic processes will help your practice target the prospects most likely to respond to your services, attracting more quality new patients to call and convert at a higher rate.
Reduce Patient
You can’t afford to lose those hard-won patients. When your practice stands out from other dental choices in your area, both in and out of your practice, and you’ll retain more quality patients and boost lifetime value.
Optimize Practice
First impressions matter. We help improve your entire new-patient experience for a more effective –and faster - conversion process.
We can help you add value to your patient experience. When you educate patients you can quickly build awareness and generate more of those all-important word-of-mouth referrals.
Practice Value
Having a successful, profitable practice requires a strong business model. A well trained team and a steady flow of quality new patients that return and refer will allow you to continually achieve your goals.